A 1-page resume is always suggested. However, a two-page resume is also completely fine if you have a lot of information of if your experience is over 5 years. The formats that we have designed are carefully engineered so that most resumes could be framed within a single page. Still make sure you keep the content crisp and keep the resume within 1 page.

If your experience is less than 5 years and/or you prefer a single-page resume, try doing the following: 

  • Reduce the font size from 100% to 85%
  • Do not have more than 5 core skills in your resume 
  • Remove extra-curricular activities if they are not relevant or old
  • Remove any hanging text (hanging text is a single word or two-words on a line causing wastage of space)
  • Remove unnecessary bullet points

Example of a 1-page crisp resume